Ștefan Vâju, invited to speak at the UBB Fest opening event

Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 16/05/2023.

By Raluca Mefa

OSUBB as many students know it, or the Students' Organization of Babeș-Bolyai University is the non-governmental organization that unites 1000 students from all 23 faculties belonging to the university with the largest academic community in the country. OSUBB means young students involved in the community, committed to the purpose, with a special organizational culture and unique projects. They fight every day to defend the rights and common interests of students, to inform them and to provide them with a valuable student experience, both professionally and personally.

At this year's UBB Fest, we proudly joined them by having T@book CEO Ștefan Vâju as a speaker at the official opening on Friday, May 5th, the event also marking the beginning of a thriving collaboration with OSUBB. UBB Fest is the largest festival for students in Cluj-Napoca, involving young people in fun leisure activities, cultural, sportive or professional. It runs from 5-13 May with a total of over 20 activities for students and 150 volunteers involved.

Ștefan was one of the guest speakers at the official opening of the festival, where he discussed failure as part of success and the importance of education in professional development. He also highlighted the important role of non-formal education in personal growth and the value of volunteering in the community.

On the occasion of this collaboration, we have dedicated a guild for the organization in the T@book app for the 150 UBB Fest volunteers, who will be among the first users to enjoy this new functionality. In the guild created for them, volunteers will be able to discuss books and common interests in their community, create and share content about the books they read, and share knowledge in an environment designed specifically for their needs.

We give thanks to the organization for being open to our initiative and for inviting us to be part of the UBB Fest great project. We are delighted that OSUBB, an organization full of energy and civic-mindedness, is part of our story and we look forward to future collaborations.