Join the UBB Foundation's Initiative for Educational Resources in Rural Schools From Cluj

Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 24/11/2023.

By Alexandra Bogdan


Dear Friends,

We invite you to join the UBB Foundation’s efforts by donating books, CDs, DVDs, and children’s games at the Romanian-Hungarian Library within the Faculty of Letters of Cluj-Napoca, Building B, 1st floor, by the 8th of December 2023. Your contributions will not only circulate knowledge but also spark joy in the hearts and minds of young learners.

Additionally, if you can contribute with gift wrapping paper, ribbons, or cardboard boxes with lids, the doctoral students in office 121 would greatly appreciate your donations.

For more information or to coordinate your donations, please reach out to

We are happy to see the UBB Foundation turning the page to a brighter chapter in these children's educational journey.

Let's join the efforts to increase literacy and donate educational materials together!

Be a helper too.