T@book Celebrates Literacy Excellence at FICT

Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 03/10/2023.

By Alexandra Bogdan

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We marked a momentous occasion at the International Transilvania Book Fair. We honored the winners of the T@book Challenge and introduced "Reverie," an impressive collection merging literature, imagery and technology. The event was a celebration of a project dear to us, and of everyone that believed and supported our vision of investing in education.

The Challenge
The T@book Challenge was a daring initiative aimed at promoting literacy. It encouraged young people to use their imagination and perceptiveness to become writers. Based on a selection of photographs by chosen artists, each participant had the opportunity to express themselves in 1000 words. It culminated in an exciting awards ceremony during the prestigious International Transilvania Book Fair. The ceremony witnessed the recognition of 11 winners and 11 honorable mentions who showcased exceptional literary skills and creativity. The winners were rewarded with the most coveted prize of the event, the latest generation smartphone. For the latter 11 mentions we engraved pins with our icon.

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The official release of „Reverie”
One of the highlights of the event was the official launch of "Reverie," a thought-provoking collection of essays. This anthology features the 11 winning essays and the 11 memorable mentions from the T@book Challenge, selected for their outstanding quality. The publication serves as a tribute to the storytelling abilities of these young authors. You can find the list of winners as well as purchase the book on our website. With the profits, T@book intends to carry out an educational project as we further venture into self and professional development.

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T@book extended its heartfelt gratitude to the partners that shared our commitment of nurturing the minds of young people, namely ALFA SOFTWARE, AROBS, CONSILO WEB, ELECTROGLOBAL, FUNDAȚIA AUTONOM, IULIUS MALL, REBELDOT, ROMBAT, SALT&PEPPER, SINAPSIS, WITRAQ, SIMACEK. With their support, The Challenge saw success.

The distinguished panel of judges for the T@book Challenge was also celebrated for their dedication and expertise. Their commitment to evaluate the raw talent and writings of the participants in order to decide the winners was not an easy task. We are enriched by their insights. The selected essays are thought provoking and that places „Reverie” as valuable book.

T@book remains committed to its mission of fostering a love for education and literacy. The Transilvania International Book Fair provided a platform for T@book to continue its journey toward these goals.

As we finished this successful chapter, we look forward to building a future where literature continues to inspire, enlighten, and connect people from all walks of life.

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For more information about our future events and initiatives, please give us a follow on our social media platform. "Reverie" is available for purchase on our website.