T@Book's Inspiring Journey at Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal

Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 21/11/2023.

By Alexandra Bogdan

In November 2023, T@Book embarked on a journey to Lisbon, Portugal. We were on our way to participate in the Web Summit, one of the largest and most influential tech events globally. For T@Book, this was also a proud moment to be selected as part of the Alpha Startups showcase, a recognition given to only a select few from over 22,600 startups.

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The Gathering Event
Our adventure began even before the Summit officially started. T@Book was chosen among the top 200 startups for the exclusive 'Gathering' event, setting the stage for what was to come. This early exposure provided us with an invaluable opportunity to network and set our mark.

An Opening Night to Remember
The opening evening was nothing short of spectacular. Our CEO, Stefan, along with other workshop participants, were escorted by a police officer to ensure timely arrival. That was a testament to the event's scale and importance. It was a surreal experience.

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Insights from our team
“The summit was something else, there is a lot to take in, digest and give meaning to. We are more determined to work on our business and we hope in the next 4 years to take the main stage with T@book.” said Stefan, our CEO. “I am proud to have attended such a giant event. Everything was new and exciting. I saw ideas that challenged me and it led to different approaches towards our vision, process and interactions. I`m looking forward to seeing T@book`s growth from now on. - Alexandra, Mystery Box Project Manager.

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Romanian Tech Celebrated at the Embassy
In a proud moment for our team and Romanian tech talent, we were invited to the Romanian Embassy in Portugal. This gathering was not just a celebration but a prime networking opportunity that connected us with the crux of Romania's technological prowess abroad.

Two Days of Immersive Learning and Networking
For the main two days of the summit, we immersed ourselves in its vibrant atmosphere. Observing, learning, and networking, we supported fellow startups and attended various insightful talks. This experience broadened our perspective and understanding of the global tech landscape.

Stefan’s Pitch: A New Vision for T@Book
On the day of Stefan's pitch, he introduced a novel concept: "Moving reading from hobby to habit." This fresh perspective resonated well with the audience. It encapsulates the essence of T@Book in a simple yet powerful statement.

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A Busy Showcase Day
Our showcase day was a whirlwind of activities. Engaging with numerous visitors, we presented our app demo. We forged significant contacts that could propel T@Book to new heights. The interactions we had were the beginning of potential long-term collaborations.

Experiencing Lisbon – Beyond the Summit
Our Lisbon adventure wasn't confined to the Summit. We explored the city, from its historic rooftops to a mesmerizing Fado evening, embracing the local culture and beauty. These experiences added a special touch to our journey, making it unforgettable.

Returning with Renewed Zeal
As we returned from Lisbon, we embraced a renewed determination to pursue our vision. The Web Summit 2023 was a catalyst that has invigorated our team to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in the literary tech space.