Countdown to impact: T@book attends Wolves Summit in Vienna

Vienna, Austria, 8-9/11/2023.

By Alexandra Bogdan

Venturing into the heart of Europe's tech scene, our CEO, Ștefan Vâju, along with our head of engineering Lucian Busuioc, recently attended the Wolves Summit in Vienna. The summit gathered startups, investors, and corporations for two days of intensive networking and high-quality matchmaking.

Wolfsummit arival

Over the course of two days, this summit facilitated a series of high-caliber matchmaking sessions, offering us the chance to engage in several meetings. We seized this chance to deepen industry connections and uncover novel perspectives to further propel our mission.

It wasn't all business; it was also about the shared spirit of growth and learning. The Great Pitch Contest was a particular highlight, showcasing the kind of bold thinking that drives us at T@book. We also participated at the Networking Party, the perfect backdrop for more relaxed, yet equally meaningful, interactions.

"The Wolves Summit in Vienna was an enriching experience for the T@book team, offering us a real lesson on how to better pitch our business. We made important connections and new ideas came to light." expressed Ștefan Vâju, T@book's CEO.

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Lucian Busuioc, our head of engineering commented "I really enjoyed the atmosphere there, everyone was amazing to talk to, and it encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. Now I have a basis of comparison for what we want to do and the feedback we received was really good."

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With a successful close to the Wolves Summit, we`ve received a new understanding of the importance of community and collaboration in driving innovation forward.

With a hopeful eye on the next challenge, we`re taking on the Web Summit in Lisbon starting with 12 November!

Join us in our quest to build the largest library in the world and transform the way we engage with books and knowledge!