Words Alive! Unleashing the Power of Reading and Education in Partnership with Iulius Mall

Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 21/08/2023.

By Alexandra Bogdan

Date: 22 August - 3 September
Location: The Honor Court, Iulius Mall

Words Alive Event Banner

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Iulius Mall for the captivating event "Words Alive!" Set to take place at the entrance of Iulius Mall, in the enchanting spot called The Honor Court. The event aims to celebrate the joy of reading, inspire a love for learning, and align our vision of promoting literacy with Iulius Mall's back-to-school campaign.

The Library of Wonder and Wisdom: The Challenge Wheel

At the heart of the event stands "The Library of Wonder and Wisdom” hosting an inspiration area where attendees can rest, read and record video insights about their favorite books. The highlight of the stand is the Challenge Wheel, where participants can create an account in the T@book app and spin the wheel to win exciting prizes if they can fulfill the challenges, such as facts about literature, guessing the author by its quotes, and so on. Among the coveted rewards are books signed by renowned authors, vouchers from our esteemed partners, delightful bookmarks, and captivating kids' toys.

words alive stand

Calligraphy through Dictation: Discovering the Art of Handwriting

An unmissable event during the Words Alive festival is the "Calligraphy through Dictation" contest, taking place during our event, namely 26-27 August 31 August and 2-3 September, from 10:00 to 12:00 18:00*. There will be a round of Dictation every half hour during the dedicated time.

Dictation Event Picture

Join us by completing the online form here and having T@book account before the start of the event. The app can be found on the app store and google play.

*Depending on the number of participants and the timeslot of choice, we may pick only one day. Follow our social media for updates.

Custom Poenari Pen

Mystery Treasure Hunt:

From his realm of wonder and wisdom, Buhu, one of our youngest avatars, embarks on an adventure that takes an unexpected turn. As he soared through the enchanting surroundings, a gust of wind suddenly swept away a book of profound importance that he held beneath his wings. This book wasn't just any book; it was a repository of wisdom and knowledge that held a sacred place in Buhu's world. Filled with concern and determination, Buhu and his family turn to the visitors of the Words Alive event, seeking allies. The challenge is clear: Join Buhu and become a part of this mesmerizing journey to recover the vanished tome. As you step into this world of riddles and clues, the grounds transform into a playground of mystery and unity.

Buhu in flight

Insightful Video Challenge: Impactful Books Shared with the World

Throughout the two weeks of the event, the "Insightful Video Challenge" will captivate yet again our visitors. By sharing videos about books that deeply impacted them, participants can persuade their friends and family to like their videos in the T@book app. Prizes for this challenge will include an exclusive package, featuring a POENARI pen, a book signed by Igor Bergler, the best-selling Romanian author, and vouchers from esteemed partners ( IULIUS MALL, NOAH, ZESTREA FAMILIEI, MySecretLand, AUTOWORLD, SINAPSIS, POENARI, Nicolina Hălgaș, A. L. Levand, Igor Bergler ). We will feature the package on our social media accounts.

Empowering Self-Development: Encouraging Lifelong Learning

T@book's dedicated team will be readily available to engage with guests, sparking insightful discussions about education, reading, and the mission of T@book. The goal is to inspire and encourage visitors to invest in their personal and professional self-development through the power of literature and learning.

We'd like to express our appreciation for the partnership with Iulius Mall. They have been extremely open and supportive of our mission to promote education.

Iulius Mall Entrance

You too can join in on the action by downloading the T@book app below:

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